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Biotin IM Injectable

IM Injectables | Biotin


Biotin IM Injectable helps fortify hair, skin, & nails. The body doesn’t absorb biotin when applied to the skin, many individuals prefer biotin injections. 


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Benefits of Biotin IM Injectable

Used for the improvement of fine, fragile, or thinning hair and brittle nails, Biotin IM Injectables are a major component in promoting the production and health of cell growth.

These injections assist in the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and protein. Its major benefit is strengthening hair and nails.

Some of the advantages of IM injections include:

  • Rapid and uniform absorption of the drug, especially the aqueous solutions.
  • Rapid onset of the action compared to that of the oral and the subcutaneous routes.
  • IM injection bypasses the first-pass metabolism of the drug.
  • It also avoids the gastric factors governing drug absorption.
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